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Integrative Medicine & Wellness Services

Exclusive home of “My Wellness Drip”

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA


Welcome to Integrative Health & Wellness where your health and wellness is our focus. We offer advanced medicine close to home based upon transparency, informative and individualized care. Come see why people are switching to our way of caring for people!

Our Services

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA

Wellness Visit
Initial Individualized Health Plan 

At Integrative Health and Wellness, You are our priority. You will receive a full physical examination, We will take a detailed history, and develop an individualized wellness plan. We are dedicated to treating you as the whole person, not just another complaint. 

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA

Holistic Chronic Condition Management 

Side effects of current medications and therapy wearing on you? Some conditions require conventional treatment, but often there are chronic conditions that are easily managed well using naturopathic and homeopathic treatments These are evidence-based and without all the unnecessary side effects.

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA

Vitamin Infusion Therapy

The latest-most effective form of promoting wellness! Fight exhaustion, dehydration, boost your immune system, or fight off a hang-over. Vitamin infusion therapy offers energizing boosts from natural vitamins. We offer detoxification products as well as anti-aging therapies and immune boosting supplements distributed evenly through the body in a most efficient manner!

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA

Bio-Identical (Natural) Hormone Replacement

Are you suffering from digestive issues, hot flashes, decreased libido, anxiety, mood swings, bloating, abdominal weight gain, insomnia, hair loss, or vaginal dryness? Hormone replacement can help! We offer a variety of treatment plans with safe, effective natural plant-based hormones. Ask about a consultation today.


Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Image by Corinne Kutz


"Always caring and concerned. Tends to our medical needs with compassion and professional service".

Working Mother


Businesswoman at Home


"Everything was great! Dr. Nicole Lundy was very attentive, and she was pleasant to talk to. Thank you!!"

"Nicole is nothing short of amazing!!! Her bedside manner is superb, and she genuinely cares about her patients. She discusses treatment options thoroughly and makes sure you understand what she's doing step by step. What I was in for was she actually needed to do a short procedure on me. This amazing woman was patient with me and made sure I had no pain before she did anything. I can't rave enough about the care I received here today. Everything from start to finish was great, the staff are friendly and efficient. Highly recommend!! They are the best!"

All reviews are direct quotes from actual patients. Thier full names will not be displayed for their privacy. In some reviews patients refer to the provider as "doctor" which is a part of direct quoting. Our provider is a nurse practitioner. Learn more about the roles, responsibilities and scope of practice for nurse practitioners on the "about me" page.  Submissions of reviews have been taken from various sources including cards and letters, Google Reviews and but not limited to email correspondence and web postings.  All rights reserved. Patients who have shared their experiences have done so through their own choice and have never been compensated.

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA
"There is no greater honor or privilege than facilitating the process of healing for someone, to bear witness, to reach out a hand, to share the burden of someone's suffering, and to hold the hope for their recovery." 
- Eleanor Longden
Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellnes | Ephrata, PA

Board Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.

Our Goals for Your Wellness...

My goal is to provide whole-person health by targeting the root cause. We use specialty lab tests by CLIA-certified partners to analyze our patients' health: From gut flora to lipid levels, hormones, toxin levels, and much more. We work directly with patients on implementing the lifestyle & nutrition care plans necessary to help address imbalances identified by test results. We use medication and supplements in a very targeted way, with the goal of reducing them over time if possible.

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1656 W Main Street Suite 3

Ephrata, PA 17522

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

By appointment only.

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