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Naturopathy is based on theory and evidence in a holistic approach. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention can be successfully prevented or treated with the use of techniques such as diet control, exercise, massage, and natural homeopathic remedies. Although some disease processes require conventional medications, Integrative Health & Wellness incorporates naturopathy and homeopathy to achieve health without chemicals when possible. Living your best life begins with the knowledge about your body, the right balance, and the maintenance needed for continued wellness. At Integrative Health & Wellness, you have a health partner from the start of your journey throughout your life. We are committed to life-long wellness and prevention to help you live your life fully!

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA

Bio-Identical (Natural) Hormone Replacement

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA

Are you suffering from digestive issues, hot flashes, decreased libido, anxiety, mood swings, bloating, abdominal weight gain, insomnia, hair loss, or vaginal dryness? Hormone replacement can help! We offer a variety of treatment plans with safe, effective natural plant-based hormones. Ask about a consultation today and check out our quiz link below to see if HRT is right for you!

Holistic Chronic Condition Management 

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA

Side effects of current medication and therapy wearing on you? Some conditions require conventional treatment, but often there are chronic conditions that are easily managed well using naturopathic and homeopathic treatments. These are evidence-based and without all the unnecessary side effects.

IV Infusion

Integrative Well Path | Integrative Health & Wellness | Ephrata, PA

The latest-most effective form of promoting wellness! Fight exhaustion, dehydration, boost your immune system, or fight off a hang-over. Vitamin infusion therapy offers energizing boosts from natural vitamins. We offer detoxification products, as well as anti-aging therapies and immune-boosting supplements, distributed evenly through the body in the most efficient manner. 

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