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Welcome to our blog!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new blog! Here we will discuss health and wellness issues, current treatments and new announcements, topics about family, herbal recipes, seasonal change awareness and much more. For our first bit of time together, I thought I would start off by introducing myself and discuss a little bit about Integrative Health & Wellness and how we came to be.

My name is Nicole Lundy and I am the owner and Provider at Integrative Health & Wellness located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and hold additional certifications in nutrition, health coaching amount other acute care certificates. I am a dedicated wife and mother. I am looking forward to our grand opening coming Fall 2023! After over 25 years in healthcare we're happy to provide the type of care we believe in. Integrative Health & Wellness draws on years of training , travel, and experience; founded with the highest level of patient care in mind.

As you may have guessed, this first blog will discuss our mission statement and who we are. Integrative medicine is in our opinion the most comprehensive and whole-person medicine because it draws all the different types of medicine. All types of medicine can work to treat illness and disease process but in different ways. For example, if we check blood work and a person is found to have signs of diabetes, they may be placed on a medication and begin feeling better, their numbers improve, but when you stop taking the medication....guess what? You guessed it--you're still a diabetic. Integrative medicine uses a different approach. We want to get to know you (because you are our patient and we like you) but also because there's more to treating patients than numbers and prescriptions. We want to investigate the cause of your symptoms; the ROOT CAUSE of your dis-ease.

Integrative Medicine has been around since at least the 1930's in the European countries but it's origins began much earlier as "natural healers" and "mixers" expanded this type of medicine across Germany (Cody, 2018). Long before the enlightenment of these practices in Europe and later across the US in the 1950's; the birthplace of natural healers, herbalists and complementary medicine known today as Integrative Medicine began in Africa where regional tribes attended medicine men known for herbal healing, foods, baths, and spiritual rituals for healing. It has come a long way from its humble beginnings to a mind-body-soul & "whole-person" approach where the root cause is explored and physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are the focus. Integrative truly means "to integrate" taking conventional medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Holistic and Naturopathy, along with acupuncture, nutrition and massage in a complementary approach and creating individualized plans for each unique patient. Integrative Medicine Practitioners are experienced, Medical providers with advanced degrees in Medicine, advanced practice nurses and doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.

Our Mission: To provide evidence-based integrative care, health and wellness education in a sustainable healing environment while empowering people to actively participate in their natural healing . We believe each person is unique and a collaborative relationship is what we strive for while guiding patients to learn self care, and healing using all modalities to treat the whole person using Integrative Medicine and a hybrid model of care.

Our Vision: Our vision is to engage each person meeting them where they are on their journey while collaborating with the necessary tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle and improve their overall quality of life.

Values: Our values are steeped in care, kindness, and respect for our patients, community and one another. We place a high value upon integrity, research, transparency and meaningful collaboration. We believe all people deserve high quality services and care without discrimination and strive to provide a safe, friendly environment built on mutual respect and trust.

We focus on health promotion, correcting underlying conditions causing dis-ease in the body, proper nutrition for healthy living, weight stability, prevention and use of herbal, naturopathic and bioidentical resources to help patients live healthfully and restorativly. Let's talk next about how we do this and what you can expect from a visit. First, an intake visit is necessary to go over patient's past medical history, current medications, environment, work life, home life, stressors, family dynamics, and expectations/fears/goals. We will structure an individualized plan, necessary testing, recommendations and follow up. Rest assured, this is not your average 15 minute drive thru appointment. Our intake appointments take approximately 45-60 minutes of undivided attention and focus on YOU.

In addition to choosing us as your health and wellness partners, we also offer health coaching, nutrition planning, weight loss plans, weight gaining plans, bioidentical hormone replacement, supplements, skin care, IV infusion therapy and products to help you live a clean and chemical free lifestyle.

Please join us for our weekly blog posts, online Facebook/instagram discussions, informative TikTok videos and upcoming classes such as nutrition and meal planning, homemade herbal preparations, babysitting, care of the elderly family member, CPR (BLS via AHA), and first aid. Thank you for choosing Integrative Health & Wellness as we are looking forward to serving our community with the best care we can offer!

Cody, G. W., JD, MD (2018). The Origins of Integrative Medicine--The First True Integrators: The Philosophy of Early Practitioners. Integrative Medicine (Encinitas), 17(2), 16-18.

Lee, R. (2021). Health, healing and illness in African history. H-Net Reviews.

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